Retirement Plan

When Can You Retire?

Do you catch yourself asking, “I wonder at what age I can retire?”

At OH Enterprises, we help you answer that question. And if the answer is “not soon enough” then we will provide retirement planning advice to help you get on track to retire.

How to Plan for Retirement:

The difference between your annual income needed and your retirement income streams is your gap, and that’s what needs to be solved with your savings and investments, including real estate. Retirement income is usually defined by Social Security and pensions. You may have a handle on current expenses, but many expenses change in retirement, like health care, long term care, travel, etc. The gap between income and expenses may give us an idea of the annual income needed in retirement. The gap gives your personal financial plan a clear objective for your investment portfolio, which may also include real estate.

Are You Looking to Create or Update Your Retirement Plan?

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